Unseen Strings of Melody

She sat curled up in her usual posture on the easy chair, cocooned in the little balcony of her apartment. Her smile accentuated her soft features. He looked on absorbing each moment of her presence as though his life depended on it. The overcast skies suddenly glowed as though reacting to her smile, as soft breeze caressed her unruly hair that strayed on to her face. Gosh! Did she realise how beautiful she looked when she smiled? He wondered as he put his heart and soul into the vibrations his fingers felt when they strummed on the guitar, almost as though his fingers were happy feet on a dance floor. He was sure he was doing something right when he saw her smiling every time he played the guitar on his balcony facing right across hers. He wasn't sure if she found him as attractive, although she never looked into his eyes. But the fact that he could give her that joy was enough for him.

As the notes wafted across, her heart skipped a beat. This was the case every single time the music reached her ears. She wondered whether he played it for her or for a larger audience that she was unaware of. One thing she was certain of though - only a man could play the guitar with such passionate abandon. She felt a little self-conscious at the thought of his gaze on her but the melody made her forget her shyness and pushed her in state of trance, making her lips curl upwards blissfully.

The earth smelt of fresh showers, a few droplets teasingly landed on their cheeks. In a world full of miseries, a blind girl could enjoy the gift of music that a deaf man could churn out, by the sheer will of pleasing her. Either of them oblivious of what the other one was deprived of. After all, there’s so much to life beyond those few misfortunes that each of us have to live with.

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