Memories undone

A fleck of me I left behind,
traces that held on to the emptiness
Around the shower cubicle
a strand of my hair twirled 
halting for a second.

Faint shadows from yesterday 
looming over the cold barrenness
 of the deserted floor.
Desolate sheets clung
 to the impressions on the bed 
that now comforted none.

Finger prints wrapped themselves 
around the favourite mug 
I had sipped my thoughts from.

As the familiar notes 
I often hummed to
 permeate from somewhere out there,
hugging the curtains 
that ushered in the expectant breeze 
for no one in particular,
yet despondent. 

My familiar presence
the rays seek 
as they filter their way through
But...I'm gone,
 leaving just an ounce of me to linger over, 
Some sweet, some bitter and some sour.

As the noises of yesterday 
die into a soft echo.
A soft footstep greets the door 
and turns the key to let them in,
The making of some more.