Jump in

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Today's words are
'Jump in'
which means to become involved in a situation very quickly.

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"What? Are you out of your mind? Why do you always volunteer for things that are way beyond your capacity?"

"Can't help it beta, I just couldn't resist the little one tugging at my sari and requesting me to make my special ladoos for all his friends for his birthday tomorrow."

It didn't help that he made this sweet request late in the evening. So, by the time my poor mum could gather her wits, money and ingredients together it was well past midnight.

I shook my head and nodded in understanding. I had to jump in and help my mum finish this seemingly impossible task of preparing 1000 ladoos in one hour flat for the happiness of the sweet little soul at the orphanage that she worked for. Yes, the orphanage was a shelter to about 1000 young souls who, as fate would have it, were deprived the loving warmth of the love of their parents.We had to do this and make the little guy's birthday special.

But yet another sweet and big surprise awaited us when the best caterer in town happened to visit the orphanage and chanced on tasting mum's ladoos. And, the next thing we knew was that mum was to supply 5000 ladoos for a wedding in 5 hours flat! But the compensation was much more than one would expect.

My head is whirring now weighing the urgency of task versus the monies that came in from it. Could mum manage it alone? No, no ways. Should I or should I not? Heck, yes. I had to jump in, yet again!

Sometimes miracles occur only when you jump in. 
~ A.J.Jacobs

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