Today, I am delighted to be featured on Blog-A-Rhythm as a guest blogger for the
 Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015) for the letter U. 

I write about what works for me as a writer to lend that special 'U'-niqueness to my posts.



Through my journey as a blogger, one helpful lesson that I’ve learnt is to have a ‘unique’ voice of my own that came across strongly as my individuality. So, how does one make sure that they have that ‘unique’ flavor in their posts? Would it make sense to read up a lot and observe various writing styles that writers adapt to put their thoughts across through their words?

What’s the fun in writing something that doesn’t have a bit of ‘U’ in it?! As writers our passion for writing is further enriched when our true self is revealed through what we write and share which in turn, sparks into a healthy debate or discussion with our readers. Read more of it here.