The Shared Hero

It was her turn today to receive the exclusive shower of attention from her beloved. The beloved who exerted his rights to share his affections with an entourage of lovers as per the norms. All of whom he possessed with all his might but none of them had the right to claim even the tiniest chunk of him exclusively. Wasn't that unfair? But the way each of them looked at it, it seemed like all of them were privileged and blessed to be a tiny minuscule of an option in his life.

It was a jungle out there. And the fittest survived trampling over the rest of them to claim that highly inaccessible part of him that eluded each of them. She admired her own reflection in the mildly stagnant green waters of the pond. Her golden mane shone in pride. What was it in her that was different from the rest? Nothing, actually. After all each one of them were there with him for their beauty, brains and pride. Pride - for knowing the fact that they were a breed apart. It was a pride that raged above the din of the roaring breeze. An arrogance that reflected in the dark fluid pools of large brown eyes rimmed as though they were born with kohl streaks. A seething arrogance that came as a heritage to the royalty.

She wished to be the sole lioness to stand proudly by her lion, basking in the glory of his heroic conquests, being his only pillar of support in helping him rip apart enemies with all the fieriness their union could exude.

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Lost in the medley of wishful thoughts and passionate daydreams, her reverie was suddenly interrupted by the coarse crunch of dry leaves that his burly feet stepped on. Maharani Simhasini the twelfth queen of Maharajah Vanaraja Singham, adjusted her sheer veil to cover her bejeweled head, sitting resplendent in her richest finery as her mighty king walked up to her royal chambers to abide by his once-in-a-month ritual of spending the night with one of his many queens.