Care for a cuppa?

The cock screeched somewhere faraway in the golden horizon announcing the break of another day...yet another day, that was overloaded with the call of duties, of juggling responsibilities and a list of random chores to attend which never ceased to end till it was time to call it a day.

Srini pulled the blanket in an attempt to cover his face, as though it would save him from the rigmarole of the day ahead, tucking himself within the cozy confines of his warm bed.

Like every morning he waited for the magic of his elixir to unfold, when the familiar rich aroma wafted into his nostrils slowly but steadily luring him out of his slumber.

Vaidehi, his wife stood at the kitchen counter, with her damp-from-shower hair secured with a towel, pouring it from a steel tumbler to a vessel, back and forth, in mechanically swift movements - the heavenly brew that mingled the dark honey colored decoction with sugared steaming milk, bubbling with a frothy promise that rared him to face each day with renewed invigoration.

Ah...the wonders of a hot freshly brewed filter coffee...ask a South-Indian, what it does to their mornings!

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