Dying Flickers

Source: Google Images
Hope flickered within her wavering like the festive candle flame in front of her, glowing softly most of the times, flaring wildly at times and sometimes threatening to extinguish itself at the slightest hint of breeze.

The drone of a car's motor subduing as it approached her ears sent wild leaps of expectation raging through her only for the micro-seconds that it took for her to realize that it wasn't meant to come towards her.

Her cell phone blinked in the dark, flashing yet another surge of hope, but alas, it was yet another of those ill-timed spam messages.

 He had never promised her the moon, but she had plucked the gleaming stars of anticipation that faith threw her way as she meandered through the journey of his infidelity and deception.

The last tiny spark of hope melted into oblivion just like the candle the moment her glistening eyes caught the glinting shaft of light emanating from the house next door telling her that yet again he had parked his car away from their home and entered their gorgeous neighbor's house from the back door.

  Five Sentence Fiction - Glimmer at Lillie McFerrin Writes.