Thirty days to gorgeousness

She lustfully eyed her favorite blueberry cheesecake that Aunt Hilda had left for her, oozing all its creamy sinful her taste buds took over her senses luring her on a sweet fantasy trip to heavenly lusciousness.

Snapping out of her reverie in time she forcefully shifted her focus to the slinky silhouette of the showstopper black svelte gown that clung on a hanger next to her dresser, the sequins winked at her as if teasing her as they dazzled in their glorious splendor.

A cold sigh escaped her lips as she wistfully crossed off yet another date with a red felt pen from the calendar that stood on her bedside table.

It was the first day of December - thirty days more to the 'so-called gorgeousness' fit into a dress of her dreams, three sizes smaller than hers for the upcoming New year gala.

 Yet again, she reached out with renewed determination, for the bowl of cold and unappetizing bland salad that lay ignored on the coffee table for the good part of the evening, while she was busy judging the battle of her senses against her desires.

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