The Note in the Bottle

She walked along the sea line, watching the waves bob gently. The breeze was playing wild games with her hair, throwing it onto to her face every now and then. Her flared dress flowed in the direction of the wind smoothing over her silhouette delicately. She loved strolling along the white sands just in time to catch the sun setting. The sight of the orange sun melting into the ocean soothed her, making her forget the stress and strain of the entire day.

She paused for a bit to admire the glory of colors rippling on the seascape, dipping her feet in the golden liquid. Something smooth clinked against her leg, making her bend to take a closer look of the object. Floating atop the surfing water was a glass bottle. She picked up the bottle to examine the contents and was surprised to find a roll of paper tucked in it. How adventurous?! She thought to herself as she excitedly uncorked the bottle and eased out the roll of paper. She had only read in books, about people writing wishes on a piece of paper, stuffing them into a bottle and throwing it in the sea - never did she imagine that she would come across one in real life. She wasn't sure of the thought behind this action. Perhaps there was a myth people believed in, that by doing so, that wish would probably come true.

Curiously she flattened the roll of paper against her palm. Scribbled across the crumpled sheet of paper were a few lines, scribbled haphazardly in scrawny hand writing that had got smudged slightly due to dampness but yet was clear to read. It read:

Dear God,

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send Ms. Bridget to some place far from here. i am just SO scared of her! i promise i will say my prayers every night before i sleep. thank you.



She recognized the way 'a' was written in a crooked manner and smiled mysteriously as she folded the note purposefully. The next morning she called out for Larry, sitting in the last row of the class. He walked towards her, trembling a bit, fearing the worst. What was it? Was it the homework that he had submitted? He did remember doing it carefully so as to avoid her wrath.

As he stepped closer, she held out a large pack of chocolate and as she put her arm around his tiny shivering shoulder, she softly said,

  "Larry, this is for you...for doing your homework exceptionally well this time." 

A surprised Larry accepted the chocolate as he tried to digest what she had just said to him. She further added,

 "You can come to me anytime that you need my help, without any me, I will never be mad at you after this. But, you must promise me that you will say your prayers every night before you sleep." 

Ms. Bridget smiled to herself, as Larry walked back to his desk, confused with the sudden change in her behavior, but nevertheless pleased with himself. So the bottle with his note did reach god! Yes, he would have to work harder from now that she would never change. She wasn't that bad after all.

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