Midnight Eyes

A pair of shining white eyes lurked in the pitch darkness of midnight, the eyeballs moving swiftly from left to right and then back to left, like ping pong balls.

She sucked in her breath, unflinchingly watching the eyes move around in her house. The eyes tip-toed softy across the living room, pausing now and then to check if all was clear and there was nothing to fear.

They scampered warily and cautiously into the kitchen one after another, as he pulled open the door to sharply cut the darkness with a sharp flood of light and the gust of icy chill of the refrigerator on his chubby cheeks, as he eyed his target greedily.

The ballsy eyes could have made away with the loot this time, but alas...as luck would have it, his Mum pulled little Raghu's ear hard, catching him red-handed, even before he dared to sink his clean minty, freshly brushed teeth into a sinfully creamy slice of the rich chocolate gateau....ouch!

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