Beyond Borders

Fatima slowly drank in the familiar sights which appeared somewhat altered with urban touches glaring at her as her frail frame stepped into the rustic old lane that she had grown up in. Her eyes searched longingly for Sukhi, her long-lost childhood friend - her soul mate with whom she felt deeply connected even after all these years, in spite of the physical and invisible barriers of communal differences that the partition had contemptuously planted in its people on either sides of the border.

She spotted an old and wrinkled Sukhi sitting cross-legged on a charpoy in the same courtyard where they spent their childhood playing games on lazy afternoons, straining her eyes through her thick glasses as Fatima joyfully rushed towards her with her arms flying open to hug her.

A moist eyed and emotionally choked Sukhi embraced her friend tight - a friend who was more than a sister to cross the border and scale the distance from Pakistan to India just to see her after all these years.

Some bonds are indeed stronger than man made borders to permeate through the rigidity of physical and mental barricades of minds.

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