Re-CON-acting on Social Media!

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Nothing makes my day like a call from a long lost friend! This, although is a rare phenomenon after the advent of social media.You somehow end up finding each other if you are registered on a social media site.Which most of us are.Once you're out there in this arena, there's no way you can hide yourself from even that long lost distant uncle's sister-in- law's daughter's husband's cousin, Babu Rao, who is known for his never ending narration of boring stories which bragged only and only about him.Yawn... here goes yet another post which he's tagged you on about his trip to Paris...the food he ate on the flight....the luxury hotel he checked into...the expensive shopping spree blah blah blah... and how he impressed the Parisian fashionistas with his floral shirts! "eewwww" I cringe..floral shirts ?! I almost felt like asking him if it was Paris he visited, or was it Hawaii? No I can't ask him that. Courtesy demands that I either click the  'like' button or reply with a polite comment! I choose the former. Safer and would put a full stop to further conversation on the topic.You really can't mess with some relatives.Phew!

But coming back to the long lost friends bit.Yes, I have connected with many a long lost friend on social media platforms. And the excitement of reuniting with the friend is an adrenalin rush that stays with you for a good amount of time, depending on how close the friend was.There are times, you connect with people you think you know....but wait a can't seem to place them from where you know them! Gosh he seems soooo familiar, the name, not the face coz you're connecting after donkeys obviously he's no more the Don Juan that he used to be! And that's not helping coz you can't ask him straight away how you know him without sounding impudent.Especially since he sounded so warm and knows even your childhood pet name...has to be someone close.So you click on his profile pic to have a closer look and when that doesn't help you desperately scroll down the list of common friends! Aah of course he was with you in your nursery school simply coz you can see your nursery school teacher right on the top of  the common friends list.So you go on to show off how good your memory is and shoot him the question:

ME: "So are you still in touch with Ms.Limos?"

HE: "Of course I am, she's my mother!" he says sounding amused yet mildly put off.

ME: "Oh...Oops!
*Confused Emoticon*
 "What next?!" I wonder, caught in my own web...

HE: "Guess you haven't recognized me?" he says sounding disappointed.
*Three Sad Emoticons*

ME: Sigh!  What relief! He's finally gonna tell me now.

HE: "Guess" he prods further,
*Winky Emoticon*

ME: "No!" I say to myself, eyes rolling up. I give up."I'm sorry...I know you well but I just can't place you..." I break it with all the guilt I can muster in my words.
*Smiley Emoticon*

HE: "Ahaa, I knew it! We met at Ashima's remember....and I dated her for a good 5 years! How could you forget?!" he exclaims.
*Six Angry Emoticons*

ME: "Holy Lord now who is Ashima??" I scratch my head in despair... "I've lost you here my friend...I can't place Ashima either!" I say sounding senile to my own self.

HE: "Awww cmon you don't remember Ashima? Dude how can you forget her? She is your relative Babu Rao's father-in-law's cousin's daughter! We met at her sister's wedding remember? Yeah the same Babu Rao who visited Paris recently..."

ME: Ohh no... Babu Rao! Not again!....duh when was this wedding?? I think hard...and Ashima who? Whatever.Let it be.Done for the day!

HE: "Hey you can add Ashima, she's on my friends list! She's married to my cousin's maternal uncle's nephew.."

ME: "Okay I got to go now...someone's ringing the doorbell.Catch you later!"
*Sign out*

Phew! So well, the adrenalin high moment did happen but not the kinds I would want to last with!

Jokes apart, I sure have connected with some genuinely close yet long lost friends and have had my share of " OMG is that you?? After soooo long! Where did you disappear all these days??!!" moments.
 I still cherish my bond with them on the social media platform and thank my stars for having reconnected with them after so long!

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