Queerily Queer

Queer are the ways of this world 
and queerer are the people who inhabit it

Queer is that friend, who claims to be your close friend,
 yet plays games with you for their own selfish interests

Queer are you, to watch the game yet pretend like all is fine
 and let it be, coz you don't want to lose them

Queer is that guy, who chases a girl to the moon to woo her till she gives in, 
only to dump her a few days later for someone new

Queer is the girl, to take this guy back again 
when he gets dumped by the girl he dumped her for, coz she thinks she loves him

Queer is the child, who gives up on his parents who taught him how to walk, 
just when they become too frail to walk coz his spouse can't stand them

Queer are the parents, to forget all said and done by their child and help him yet again 
when he expects a chunk of their hard earned wealth coz they love him no matter what

Queer is the person, who's jealous of his sibling's happiness and success 
coz he couldn't make it for himself

Queer are you, to still help your jealous sibling when they go through a rough patch 
coz you want to see them happy

Queer is the man, who finds faults with the very qualities in his spouse 
that once drew him to her

Queer is the woman, who still puts up with it 
and strives to meet the expectations of her spouse and family to feel accepted

Queer is the boss, who gets insecure with his subordinate's excellent performance 
coz he feels the credit will go to the subordinate instead of him

Queer is the subordinate, who inspite of being treated shabbily by the boss
 still helps the boss achieve his targets with all his genuine efforts 
coz he believes that they still are a team

Queer is the society, that offers false empathy and pseudo help 
just to get a better seat to watch your struggle 
and secretly feel relieved that it wasn't happening to them

Queer are you, to share your worries with a world full of people Queerer, 
in spite of knowing that most of them will judge you
 but very few will help you.

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