Sigh! Yet another request that required me to say NO.And this time around there wasn't anyway I could get away with mincing words.Lets not bother with what and who it was from, else I'll end up flaming up a few bridges!

I have always found myself cornered in a lot of situations, where I find it tricky to say the NO word to a lot of people without coming off as impertinent and condescending.So well, I wondered what the NO nonsense,effective, yet an appropriate way of saying NO was. And off I went surfing on the net to find out what the experts have say about saying NO-when and how.Here's a brief round up of the best pointers I came across and related with.

The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say 'NO' to almost everything.

We end up helping the 'pushy ones' and miss the people who are too respectful of your time to bother you at all, let alone again.Lot many times we get into the martyr role just to be in everybody's good books.But honestly, no one likes a martyr for long.Saying NO upfront gets a bit tacky in some situations.But how about starting to say, "Let me think about your request and get back to you."And eventually, politely yet firmly say "NO."

It helps to be prepared, however, so learn to spot the signs of an unwanted request coming your way."I've been wanting to ask..." and "I know you're really busy, but..." are obvious tip-offs, but be on the lookout for earlier hints, like drawn out small talk, throat clearing or a sudden lack of eye contact, explains Bill Hampton, PhD, author of The Complete Communicator.

When you allow every request to divert your attention from your most important activities of the day,everyone ends up frustrated.The reason you have a hard time saying no is that often, you lose sight of what you've already said yes to.I had read about the 'YES list' somewhere and have been following it myself. Keep a 'YES list,' a simple list of commitments you've already made.Put it on a note at your workstation, or make it the wallpaper of your phone.When you face a situation that requires you to say NO, review it.Works like magic.

The word YES is very expensive.You only have a few opportunities to spend it everyday.Don't waste it on situations that deserve to hear the word NO.

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