How I Lost My Weight And Not My Mind!

About three years back I was gifted a book by a friend. It wasn't unusual for me to receive books from him, since he happened to be a well read gentleman and would often send me books as a token of his goodwill. Only this time around, when I opened the wrapper, I freaked at the title of the book. 'Don't lose your mind, lose your weight!' I quickly scanned myself top to bottom, in the nearest mirror available! Really? Had I put on so much that I would require a book to help me lose weight? Still unsure, I called him immediately to confirm my apprehension, and all he said was, 'just read the book.'

I did not take him seriously then and did not read the book for the next couple of months. On one lazy weekend, with nothing better to read, I started flipping through the book that I had carelessly tossed aside. And in no time, I was hooked to it!  'Don't lose your mind lose your weight' is a book written by Rujuta Diwekar, a celebrity dietitian who was a responsible for the much hyped 'size 0' figure of the famed Indian actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and a lot many other celebs who owe her for their weight loss and increased vitality. Unlike most diet books, this book gave practical solutions for overall health benefits as against only losing weight. I felt it was quite doable and decided to give it a try.

It did require a bit of will power and self motivation but I started seeing results very soon. Not only did I observe renewed energy levels, but from the first month itself, I started losing approximately one kg every month. I looked forward to checking my weight on the weighing scale every morning. That itself was quite rewarding. It wasn't that I was obese by any measure, but losing a few pounds would have definitely been great! Within six to seven months I lost about 8 Kgs. Although there are a lot many helpful tips in the book, the ones that I remember and really could adhere and follow like a bible are the ones I would like to share as below:

  • At tea time, two hours later, have some healthy snack. I always had small packs of peanuts and roasted chickpeas in my bag for these in between snacks.
As expected, doing all this came with a host of advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages: People scorned at me at work, for the fact that I was constantly eating and also for the fact that 'I was on diet'. I stopped eating out at restaurants and places that wouldn't cater to 'my kind of food' - so down went my social life as well. But soon I found my way around these things and situations and took it in my stride.

Advantages: I looked healthy and felt energized. My craving for all the wrong food went down and I developed a taste for the healthier options. People who scorned me noticed my weight loss and started taking notes from me on the diet I followed. I could fit into my clothes from college days. I had a new haircut and new wardrobe.

When I look back, I realize it wasn't really a diet, it was lifestyle change which most of us could benefit from. After about an year I bumped into the gentle man who had gifted me the book and he could not believe what he saw! I had lost eight Kgs and did I look different? Oh yes I did!

Pssstttttt...two years later I moved from the city I used to work in, to my hometown and kinda slipped into a lethargic mode. I have gained back some of the weight I had lost then. I continued with a lot of the above points but have been cheating on moderating the intake of sugar, maida/white rice and deep fried stuff. While writing all this, I have been making a mental list of what all I need to correct, since I intend to start with my previous lifestyle very soon again and get back to the ideal weight I had achieved back then. Wish me luck!

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