Clearing the BLUR with the power of 'Visualization' and 'Manifestation'

Often in life we are unable to see a situation clearly.Usually, these situations are events connected to future.It could be a something as serious as a disease, the examination results, the parliamentary elections or something as mundane as the suspense climax of a thriller.What we see is a blur-a hazy picture of what could be.

Our reactions to these forthcoming events depend on this blurry image that we carry in our minds throughout the journey till we reach the destination-the actual event.As per the law of attraction, which I strongly believe in, what we believe, visualize and affirm in our thoughts very consistently is what eventually gets manifested in our lives.

People might beg to differ on this concept.A student expecting his examination result might point out that he would never wish for bad grades. But somewhere at the back of his mind, there might be a niggling fear that he might not score well.Subconsciously, it is this fear that he manifests and attracts as the outcome eventually.

So, whenever we encounter the blur again, regarding events that you are expecting in your future, try clearing this blur in your mind with strong visualization of a positive outcome, the outcome of your choice.The extent of clarity you achieve in clearing the blur as per your desired outcome and the conviction with which you hold onto the belief that this WILL be the outcome decides the result of the outcome.Try it.

Rhonda Byrne, author of the international bestseller 'The Secrets' says 'Visualization is a major technique when it comes to harnessing the power of your subconscious mind.Visualization is a step beyond hoping or wishing-it truly is seeing the world as you know it should be.Learning how to visualize correctly is perhaps the hardest part of this mind secret, as you have to put away so much of what you have formerly believed to be true to find success.'

Read on for more on what Rhonda has to say about the law of attraction:

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