The Crowd

From the crowd they emerge
Single themselves to walk into your life.

Filling it with myriad emotions
A sprinkling of laughter and tears here...
a dash of anger and disappointment there...
Spawning a series of memoirs
For future reminiscing.

And, after a zillion megabytes of times spent together
There comes an invisible moment,when least expected
Back they go to the very crowd they came from
Mingling in oblivion.

Leaving you just a footprint
of memories...
Some to be cherished
And some to fade.

Wonder how it works...
It is the crowd that brings them to you...
...and the same crowd that sucks them back from you.

Nevertheless it happens
And no mortal can stop
The inevitability of this vicious cycle
Of hope and despair
But still
We live in hope 
That yet another day
To enrich your life
One more would get singled out.

While the crowd drums its fingers impatiently in the background
Watching yet another inception of memories...
Those of which the indecipherable life boasts of
Much after it is no more.